Meet Sara!




Meet five-year-old Sara. She was not meeting normal milestones at four months old. Her mom was concerned but too many doctors dismissed the signs.  The family moved to Spain in hopes of finding help. The result was the same. Moving back to Florida, a doctor finally recognized Sara’s symptoms and diagnosed her with Sanfilippo Syndrome. This is a rare degenerative disorder that affects the brain and spinal cord. The side effects are numerous and insurmountable. Sara can speak English and Spanish—she cannot form sentences but can say enough to make her point. Sara is currently able to walk and run like other kids her age. Sadly, all of these abilities will continue to decline into paralysis and eventually lead to a short lifespan. Sara is resilient and remains full of life despite her growing challenges.


Sara distracts from her illness by enjoying her favorite fun activities.   She watches The Wiggles and listens to the show’s great soundtrack. She loves the movie The Gruffalo and likes the books, too. Sara adores Storytime and she has over 100 lovely picture books in her library. She has a big old smile when going to the zoo or aquarium with her family. Sara also attends a special education school—her favorite part of the day is going outside and energetically playing with her classmates. She is described as not having an off switch!  Sara is more than just fun. She is a sweet girl. She is very compassionate and wants to know why somebody might be sad. She then tries to transform their sadness into happiness. Sara is remarkable. We can go through years of school and gain knowledge from textbooks and exams. None of these could compare to the real teachers. Life, and a little girl who reveals how to appreciate every moment. Sara shows us how to hold each other close in our hearts because only one thing can keep us together during the toughest hours. Love. Meet Sara.


Sara needs a hand and foot tricycle to maintain the strength in her arms and legs. Furthermore, the trike will be another way for her to interact with friends. Please be her sponsor.