Meet 14-year-old Sarah who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and developmental delays when she was 5-months-old.  During her life she has faced many obstacles, but the past couple of years have definitely been the hardest.  Two years ago Sarah’s father suddenly passed away; right around this same time Sarah underwent Scoliosis Infusion Surgery, which took her an entire year to recover from.

This year Sarah had hip surgery, and she is still recovering from that.  Her mother says through all of these hard times that Sarah has remained such a joy to be around, and that Sarah is the reason she could keep pushing forward after the loss of her husband. Mom describes Sarah as being very loving and sweet to her family. Although Sarah is mostly non-verbal, she is able to say “mama” and “done”.  She may not be able to use many words, but she is able to communicate her needs by pointing and using her body language. One example of this is when she wants to show her love she will touch her shoulders and blow kisses.

Sarah is in need of an adaptive tricycle.  The trike will be very beneficial for therapeutic reasons, as well as a fun way to get exercise. While recovering from her hip surgery, it can be quite painful to use standers and gait trainers.  The adaptive tricycle is a good way to get therapy she needs, while not putting to much pressure on her hips and legs.