Meet Sierra!


Meet 15-year-old Sierra. The little girl was not reaching typical milestones as a baby. She was eventually diagnosed at two years old with cerebral palsy. The illness has created several challenges for Sierra. She is cognitively underdeveloped and partially nonverbal. She requires assistance with everyday tasks. Sierra, despite her limitations, is remarkably joyful.


Sierra has a few interests that keep her busy throughout the day. She adores the movie Frozen just like other girls her age. She listens to a variety of music, but her favorite song is Happy by Pharrell Williams. Sierra also releases a nearly endless amount of energy by scooting around on the floor. Most of all activities, Sierra simply loves to laugh. Her laughter is so heartfelt that it is impossible not to join her joviality. Sierra is full of cheer because she is full of life.


Sierra needs wheels for her mobile stander that helps her to walk. Insurance refuses to pay for the equipment despite the need. The wheels will improve her quality of life while also getting important exercise. Please be her sponsor!