Meet Skylar!



Meet 14-year-old Skylar. She was not hitting milestones for several years. Skylar was five years old when she was diagnosed with Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. The young girl is cognitively challenged and mostly nonverbal, although she communicates with her eyes; she can even give a sassy look when she needs to. Skylar is also dependent on her family for daily living skills. The young girl is cheerful despite her limitations.


Skylar devours life. She loves to eat anything within plain sight,  especially spaghetti. Skylar cannot feed herself though, so caution must be taken when helping this ravenous girl; She might take a finger with the food! She wiggles with excitement hearing any genre of music. Skylar relaxes by listening to her younger sister read-aloud books. The little sis is learning to read so the situation builds a strong bond for these siblings. Skylar also adores her animals; she nearly has a zoo full of bunnies, dogs, birds, and chickens. She has mysterious conversations with the birds, too. Skylar is an outdoor girl. She enjoys sitting in a wagon while somebody pulls her around the yard. Furthermore, Skylar likes being in the garden while watching her grandma cultivate beautiful flowers. Skylar is being raised by her loyal and loving grandparents. They describe her as their bundle of joy. The grandma and grandpa do more than cultivate a splendid garden. They also nurture something far more precious. Skylar, who like a vibrant flower, adds beauty to our world.


Skylar needs an adaptive tricycle to improve her leg strength, balance, and coordination. The trike will be a fun way for her to exercise during these improvements. Please be her sponsor!