Meet Skyler!



Meet 13-year-old Skyler. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and seizure disorder. Skyler is nearly blind because of cortical impairments. He is cognitively delayed and nonverbal. Furthermore, Skyler is unable to walk. He has endured many surgeries, which can be dangerous with his compromised immune system. The young boy is happy thanks to the support of an amazing family.


In 2017 Skyler was officially adopted by his new family who is determined to give their son a great life. Clarissa, his mother, gets around her son’s blindness by doing fun activities that stimulate his other senses.   She reads him textured books, which he enjoys touching. Clarissa plays his favorite animated musicals, such as Moana and Sing. The family attends his brothers’ soccer games–Skyler loves hearing the crowd cheer and applaud for every goal. In fact, Skyler simply loves to hear people have fun. Skyler also loves being outside. His favorite things include riding in wagons and soaring on swings.  During sweltering summer days, Skyler cools down with water gun fights with him and his siblings. The dedicated family gives him a great childhood while taking care of his health needs. His health has improved, too. He is always smiling because of a family who loves him every day.


Skyler needs a portable ramp to use for locations that are not accessible, such as his vehicle or areas in their town. Please be his sponsor!