Meet Sofia!


Meet four-year-old Sofia. She has multiple challenges to overcome. Sofia was diagnosed with Bent Bone Dysplasia, a rare disorder which causes her to have no muscle tone and severe frailty. Due to her condition Sofia cannot breathe without a ventilator. The little girl’s illness does not end here. She also has Hydrocephalus as well a a tracheostomy. Sofia has had many surgeries in her young life and she will likely need more procedures. Does all of this keep Sofia down? Nope! She is one sweet, funny, smart little girl!

Sofia enjoys most pleasures just like any other kid her age. Disney inspires her to smile while wishing upon a bright star. Her favorite character is Minnie Mouse and she watches the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She also listens to fun music. Turn on a song and Sofia will move to the rhythm. Some people dance like there’s no tomorrow. Sofia dances like each movement is a cure. Keep dancing, happy girl!

Wheelchairs 4 Kids is helping to get Sofia a highly specialized, light weight stroller. This will help her mom transport the fragile girl to doctor’s appointments with ease.  Please help Sofia get her new stroller!