Meet Tyler!


Meet 15-year-old Tyler. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and many other illnesses. He struggles walking, and most of his time is spent in a wheelchair. He is also cognitively equivalent to an eight-year-old child. This young boy, however, has a big heart despite his difficult life.

Tyler is a boy with deep feelings and emotions. He is described as an old soul, and this is reflected by his musical tastes. He listens mostly to 70s gospel, and one of his favorite songs is “No Pain, No Gain” by artist Betty Wright. Tyler and his grandmother are best friends. He loves her more than anything in his world. Not long ago she had open heart surgery. Shortly after the procedure, she died but was resuscitated and was in a comatose state.  Tyler immediately insisted on seeing his buddy. He sat next to her in the hospital and prayed that she would be healthy again. Tyler repeatedly said while holding her hand, “You need to wake up.” Sometimes prayers come true. His grandmother awoke to see Tyler by her side. Meet Tyler. He is the miracle.

Tyler needs an adaptive tricycle. The trike will improve his leg strength, stamina, coordination, and independence while also giving him more opportunities to have fun with his friends. Please be his sponsor!