Meet William!

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13 year-old William is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. The illness has caused many harsh trials. He is blind and nonverbal. William also does not have any independent mobility. Thankfully, William is not alone.

William has amazing grandparents. They are his loyal and loving care givers whose kindness is unsurpassed. They play soft music for their grandson, which soothes his sometimes frustrated heart. William adores his grandparents, too. His smile widens and eyes twinkle whenever he hears Grandpa coming home after work. Grandma has a special knack of comforting William. His grandparents describe William as an angel. There is another truth. This is a family of angels.

William needs an adaptation to his wheelchair so that it locks in the docking system in their donated van. The modification will secure the chair so that his grandparents can safely transport him.