Meet Ximena!



Meet 12-year-old Ximena. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and Hydrocephaly. Sadly, Ximena is cognitively equivalent to a toddler. She is also nonverbal. Furthermore, she is confined to a manual wheelchair. Recently, Ximena endured a shunt surgery, and she is scheduled to have an operation on her legs. Ximena is very joyful despite her debilitating condition.


  Ximena is full of fun. She likes throwing and rolling  sports balls. Ximena also enjoys being tactile and handling various textures. Sometimes she prefers taking strolls when the weather is inviting, but her favorite outdoor activity is being pushed on high-flying swings. Nothing brightens her day, however, like a hug. Embrace Ximena and the girl’s radiant smile will make letting her go impossible.


Ximena needs a Rifton tricycle to improve her leg strength and stamina. Furthermore, the trike is another way for her to have fun in the outdoors. Please be her sponsor!