Meet Miguel!



Meet six-year-old Miguel. He was diagnosed with Spastic diplegic cerebral palsy. The illness causes Miguel to have balance issues, but he is determined to get stronger and walk without assistance. He is also happy despite the limitation.


Miguel’s interests are simple and few,  but important for a great childhood. He sits contentedly and quietly to watch Peppa Pig and other cartoons on tv. He listens to popular Latin music. He also likes a wide variety of food, but his favorite is a mountain-sized pile of mashed potatoes! Miguel is active, too. He loves exploring his surroundings and satisfying his curious mind. Most importantly, Miguel is a little warrior who never stops moving forward. Life gave him a disability. Miguel gave himself the courage enough to believe, “What limitation? There’s a big world out there and I’m ready to see it!”


Miguel needs a therapy tricycle to improve his overall health. He also cannot use a regular bicycle because of his poor balance. He is excited to have an outlet that will give him the ability to play outside. Please be his sponsor!

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