Meet Morrigan!



Meet eight-year-old Morrigan. She was diagnosed with a condition that is similar to cerebral palsy. She cannot sit upright without support. Morrigan is unable to walk or stand. She is joyful despite her trials.

Morrigan has a variety of interests. She likes singing and dancing to upbeat music—her dream is to be a ballerina! Her favorite book series is The Dork Diaries. Morrigan enjoys outings to the mall and beach. She is, most of all, a sweet girl. She always has a smile that can light up a room. She is kind and loving and makes friends everywhere. Morrigan’s dad describes her as beautiful. Morrigan is mostly nonverbal, but her dad’s best day was when she learned to say, “I love you.” Some people can talk a lot without saying much. Morrigan can barely talk, but she knows how to speak to our hearts.

Morrigan needs a therapy tricycle to improve her leg strength and overall health. She will also have fun riding the trike. Please be her sponsor!