Meet Nathaly!



Meet six-year-old Nathaly. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and the results are severe. Nathaly is cognitively equivalent to an infant. She is mostly nonverbal, but the little girl is slowly learning how to speak. She is also visually and hearing impaired. Furthermore, Nathaly is not able to walk without assistance. She remains tough despite her illness.


Nathaly is a happy girl. She tries singing to upbeat children’s songs. She attends school and has fun clapping to music with her friends. Nathaly is also made of stern stuff. Doctors thought she would not be able to accomplish much in her life. Instead, she surprises everybody by continuing to take bold steps to improve her situation. Mom made her daughter a makeshift walker. Nathaly loves using the homemade device to walk around and exercise. She has also never been sick, even though her stature is petite and seemingly fragile. Clearly, Nathaly is a brave warrior who never gives in to her disease. She does, however, give us inspiration.


Nathaly needs a manual wheelchair. She currently uses a chair that is loaned by her school, but the equipment does not fit or provide appropriate support. A new wheelchair will be more comfortable for Nathaly by improving her posture. Please be her sponsor!  

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