Meet Paisley!



Meet four-year-old paisley. She experienced violent seizures a few weeks after her birth. Paisley’s mom took her to see over two dozen specialists but without results. The mom had an instinct to take her daughter to Cleveland where genetic testing was performed.   She was sadly diagnosed with a severe neurodevelopmental disorder that causes several limitations. Paisley cannot verbally communicate, but she uses adaptive technology known as an eye-gauge machine. She also communicates by making gestures. Paisley cannot walk, and she stands for a brief time with complete assistance. She is a very happy child despite these obstacles.


Paisley likes a variety of pastimes. She is legally blind and has a hard time appreciating movie. The Make-A-Wish Foundation, however, gave Paisley a special movie room where she can better see films. Her favorites are Moana and Frozen. She listens to upbeat rock music with her mom.  Songs by the hit artist Megan Trainor really make Paisley smile. She adores Dr. Seuss and Winnie the pooh books. She also has nearly a small farm of animals with chickens, ducks, cats, and dogs. She likes roughhousing with her playful dogs. Paisley especially is great at horseback riding. Most of all, Paisley loves her family. She crawls on the floor and gleefully chases her daddy when he comes home from work. Mom says that she is a blessing. The parents’ goal is to give Paisley a fun life and to let the little girl be herself. The name Paisley means tear drop, but don’t cry for her unless they are tears of joy. She is a remarkable child who has an even more remarkable family. They are examples of courage and resiliency. They are inspiring.


Paisley needs a ramp for her house to make exiting and entering safer. Her home has steps and using them can be dangerous. Please be her sponsor!