Meet Parisarely!



Meet eight-year-old Parisarely. She was diagnosed with Arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, which causes severe joint contractures, making walking difficult. Parisarely Has a wheelchair for independent mobility, but she also uses it as a reverse walker. Parisarely refuses to allow the limitation to define her life.


Parisarely has fun in many ways. She likes shows that have music and allow her to sing along. She is a fan of any Disney movie that features radiant princesses. She enjoys playing with her collection of dolls, too. Parisarely reveals her imagination by creating amazing paintings in art class. Parisarely, however, has a heart more beautiful than any picture. She is described as being driven. She sometimes gets sad when faced with her limitations. She is always loving despite her frustrations. The world feels wrong when this little girl is sad, but it all goes away with a simple flash of her smile. She is our happy place and our inspiration.


Parisarely needs a reverse walker to improve her independent mobility. This will also keep her legs moving and healthy. Please be her sponsor!