Meet Presley!



Meet four-year-old Presley. She was diagnosed at 18 months with Spastic diplegia cerebral palsy. The illness causes her mobility and independence to be limited. She uses a walker for inside the house and a stroller for going out with the family. She also crawls on the floor at home. She had to endure surgery to correct muscle spasticity. Presley remains a contented child even with her tribulations.


Presley enjoys similar pastimes to other kids her age. She is a fan of the hit show Sofia the First, but another favorite is Vamparina. She is also fascinated by movies with beautiful princesses. Presley and her mom listen to soulful Dolly Parton music. Presley’s favorite outdoor activities include swimming in a pool and playing catch with her two dogs. The best way to know Presley, however, is through her great personality. She is nicknamed Home Girl, and it shows through her sassy but fun attitude. Give her lip and she will dish it out like a buffet of feistiness. Presley has a good heart, too. She loves caring for her sister. She keeps watch over the little animals in her yard. Most importantly, the brave girl is persistent. She sets her mind on a goal and does not quit until it is achieved. Presley has already accomplished the most difficult odd, overcoming a disability.


Presley needs a therapy tricycle to promote better leg strength, endurance, and balance. The trike will be a fun way for her to exercise while improving her ability to walk. Please be her sponsor!