Meet Preston!

Preston is a sweet and kind-hearted young man who has a smile that would brighten anyone’s day!  He enjoys going to school and spending time with his class-mates and teacher.  He loves listening to music.  His favorite artists are Billy Joel and the Beach Boys.  He enjoys throwing his basketball and football which helps strengthen his muscles.   But Preston’s greatest joy is cars!  He loves watching NASCAR and going to car shows.  Of course his favorite movie is Cars!

Preston has cerebral palsy.  He is unable to walk (although he is trying to use a walker).  The chair that he currently has is far too small for this six-footer and is falling apart.  His social worker is afraid that he will injure himself as his feet drag on the floor and the chair does not provide the back support that Preston needs.

Wheelchairs 4 Kids is working on getting a brand new chair for Preston that is size appropriate, safe and school bus compliant so he can ride with his friends.