Meet RaeLynn!



Meet four-year-old RaeLynn. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and endures numerous challenges due to the illness. She has bravely fought through frightening seizures. She is cognitively delayed and nonverbal, although this little girl can loosen a full-grown laugh. She cannot sit upright without support. She also uses a wheelchair for independent mobility. RaeLynn is cheerful despite the obstacles in her way.


RaeLynn has numerous interests that help to create  a fun childhood. She loves movies featuring beautiful Disney princesses. Her favorite tv show is Cocomelon. She dances to music by swaying back and forth in time to the rhythm. She likes the feeling of petting her dog’s soft and  fluffy fur. RaeLynn, most of all, adores her brothers. They are best friends and inseparable playmates! She tries to be independent to keep up with her active brothers. RaeLynn has a strong will that even her disability cannot withstand. This courageous child is aptly named. RaeLynn truly defines a beam of light. She is our inspiration!


RaeLynn needs a Rifton tricycle to improve her leg strength, stamina, and mobility. The trike will also be a fun outlet for her to play outside. Please be her sponsor!