Meet Rizwan!



Meet 16-year-old Rizwan. This courageous boy was born in Bangladesh  and has severe diagnoses. He has a seizure disorder and infantile spasms. He has been suffering from uncontrollably violent and frequent daily seizures his entire life. Rizwan has spent many days in the hospital, and recently even in intensive care using a ventilator. Sadly, Rizwan is cognitively challenged and nonverbal. He is confined to a manual wheelchair and depends on others for everyday living skills. Rizwan, despite this list of hardships, is remarkably happy.


Rizwan has a few interests that distract from his struggles. He gets excited listening to music. The genre or artist does not matter. Any song improves his spirit. He likes playing with interactive toys that stimulate his senses. He sometimes prefers to takes strolls in the park to get a bit of sunshine and fresh air. Rizwan really just loves being around people. He is known to be friendly and kind to everybody. He is determined to be joyful and spreads happiness with his smiling face. Rizwan has many complicated problems. He solves them all with something amazingly simple. A peaceful heart.


Rizwan needs a vehicle ramp for loading his wheelchair. Currently, he does not have a safe and easy way for transportation. The lift will be a vast improvement. Please be his sponsor!