Meet Savannah!



Meet five-year-old Savannah. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and her biggest challenge that would slow down most adults is using a gait trainer to walk. This, however, does not slow down the happy girl.


Savannah has similar interests to other kids her age. She watches the tv show, Doc McStuffins. Her favorite movie, of course, is the mega-hit film Frozen. She listens to any type of music that gets her up and dancing. She also likes spending time outdoors and playing in her yard. Savannah shows an imaginative side when she creates unique works of art with Play Doh. Savannah does all of these and more. She is motivated to keep her childhood fun and carefree despite her limitations. Her gait trainer and disability are no match for the girl’s enduring spirit.


Savannah needs a one-handed power assist wheelchair to giver her more independence. Please be her sponsor!