Meet Sawyer!



Meet nine-year-old Sawyer. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Sawyer, unfortunately, endures terrifying and unpredictable seizures. He is cognitively challenged and nonverbal. He cannot walk and depends on others for all simple tasks. He  remains happy despite his disability.


Sawyer has some cool interests. He loves music by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, especially the singer’s signature version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Sawyer’s favorite movie is Shrek. He also likes reading books based on the hit Disney film with the same title, Cars. He enjoys cheering for the football teams, Miami Dolphins and New York Jets. Sawyer is a hard-working school student, too. He especially loves math and reading classes. Sawyer also has a great personality. He is always smiling, and sometimes sneaky.  Sawyer will frequently be a naughty little boy and bite the tv remote. He gets caught and has a mischievous but adorable grin. The disabled boy keeps everybody on their toes, and his cuteness keeps him in their hearts, too.


Sawyer needs a lightweight wheelchair or stroller. Currently, he does not have any equipment that allows him to leave the house. He is confined at home until he receives the new chair or stroller. Please be his sponsor!