Say Hi to Lili!!


Lili 8


Say Hi to 14 year-old Lili!  This sweet girl struggles each day with Lennox Gastout syndrome. The disorder is rare and she is unable to ambulate safely, she is also cognitively underdeveloped and nonverbal. None of these challenges prevent her from being a determined child with a smile.

Lili likes activities which stimulate her senses. Music gives her pleasure, especially when she hears fun songs in movies such as The Little Mermaid. Before going to bed or during quiet moments, Lili eagerly turns the pages of beautifully illustrated picture books. There is also a bit of adventure within the girl. She participates in unique Therapy involving horseback riding. Lili does not just overcome her disability. She is the smiling conqueror.

Lili needs a Rifton adaptive tricycle. The trike will be a way for her to increase overall strength, trunk control and range of motion. Please be a sponsor for Lili!