Meet Serenity!



Meet 14-year-old Serenity. She was diagnosed with a form of Charcot Marie Tooth, which is a genetic disorder that affects multiple bodily systems. Serenity’s biggest challenge is her movement and flexibility. She experiences pain and her joints do not easily move, especially in the morning when getting out of bed is hard. She also requires assistance walking. Serenity is currently learning to cope with her illness, and she remains a super cool girl despite her frustrations.


Serenity has interests similar to other girls her age. She watches a series of videos on YouTube called Spy ninjas. Her favorite movies are in the anime genre.  Serenity  listens to popular rock music. She also loves to sing and even created her own playlist. None of these interests compare to her most recent focus.    She is, like most teenage girls, crazy about pretty boys. Given her fashion sense for bows and headbands, and her cool personality,  soon enough she will be quite the heartbreaker. Someday—after years of mom getting grey hairs—Serenity will meet the perfect boy, and he will see her perfectly. He will not notice her disability. He will love her heart.


Serenity needs ramps for her home, which has steps throughout the inside and outside. This makes walking for her difficult. The new equipment will keep her safe and she will not be concerned about falling. Please be her sponsor!