Meet Sophia!



Meet two-year-old Sophia. She was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder that caused brain atrophy and seizures. She is cognitively delayed and nonverbal. Sophia has visual and hearing impairments. She also cannot walk. Sophia is very determined despite her disability.


Sophia has her own way of having fun. She enjoys country music despite her hearing deficiency; she smiles whenever hearing the soft twang of a guitar and rhythmic beats. Sophia also makes her own music by playing on her toy piano. She is even learning to read Braille books. She is intrigued by the texture of each dot and their patterns. Sophia enjoys these and other sensory activities, but her favorite is swimming. She uses a float and feels great in the weightless environment. Sophia is resolute to have a great childhood. She prefers to do things on her own if possible. Nothing stops Sophia!


The brave girl needs a specialized tomato seat for improved comfort and safety. Please be her sponsor!