Meet Sully!



Meet 17-year-old Sully. This young girl was born through a c section due to difficult circumstances. A year later and Sully began to experience severe seizures. Doctors eventually diagnosed her with cerebral palsy. She is cognitively equivalent to a toddler and nonverbal. She is also unable to walk or stand. Sully, however, is a joyful girl even with her illness.


Sully begins each day with a smile. She wakes up at 6:45 in the morning to get dressed and then eagerly waits for her school bus. She enjoys spending the day with her classmates and teachers. Sully does not just learn at school. She also discovers new things at home. She watches educational shows, including Pokoyo and Dora the Explorer. Sully and her mom take strolls in the park, but the young girl especially loves racing in her manual wheelchair. Mom, of course, pushes her daughter in the chair until their combined laughter sounds like one. Sully tries dancing to fun and upbeat music, too. Her favorite song is titled Magic Princesses by Roberto Orellana. The song is about his daughters coming of age and growing up. This is appropriate for Sully. Time passes for us all, and we mature at different rates. Some of us take our time. Others, like Sully, are forced to grow up faster. This sweet girl has one constant in her life. Mom will always be by her side. Mother and daughter racing towards the future without any brakes. Holding onto each other and loving every moment that passes by.


Sully needs a manual wheelchair. Her current chair was a hand-me-down and does not fit appropriately and comfortably. The new equipment will provide improved posture and comfort. Sully will be thrilled to receive her first new chair! Please be her sponsor!