Meet TeJuan!


TeJuan Love

TeJuan is a courageous 3- year-old boy with quadriplegia and hydrocephalus. He is braving many challenges that no child should endure. His father and grandmother shoulder those challenges with TeJuan. Each day they give TeJuan two feedings using a g-tube filled with the proper nourishment. He also has therapy three times a week.

TeJuan cannot support himself in a sitting position; he currently must be transported via a medical vehicle on a stretcher.  He desperately needs an adaptive, special needs car seat so that he may be driven to physical therapy, doctors’ appointments and day care in the family car.

Despite surmounting obstacles, he finds simple pleasures in life when watching his favorite adventure movies, especially the web slinging, swinging hero Spiderman! Not all heroes are found in comic books or television screens. Sometimes the truest of heroes are found in everyday life. TeJuan’s real heroes are his father and grandmother. They care for TeJuan with indestructible love and unyielding faithfulness to his needs. These are the real super-powers of the greatest of all heroes, his family.