Meet Trenyce!



Meet three-year-old Trenyce. She suffered from a traumatic brain injury after birth which caused her to have cerebral palsy. She is confined to a wheelchair and is dependent on her family for everyday tasks. She is nonverbal but communicates with her eyes and by making sounds. Trenyce is a happy girl despite her challenges.


Trenyce has an array of interests. She is captivated by the vibrant colors and fun music in the show Cocomelon. She watches movies with mickey and Minnie Mouse. Trenyce likes it when grandma reads to her educational books. She loves being outside and playing with her siblings. Best of all, Trenyce is described as a lovebug. She never gets enough hugs, cuddles, and kisses. She always has a heartwarming smile. Meet Trenyce. She turned tragedy into an opportunity to inspire.


Trenyce needs a vehicle lift so she can get her wheelchair in the family van. This will provide easier and safer transportation. Please be her sponsor!