Meet Vanessa!



Meet eight-year-old Vanessa. She was diagnosed with chromosomal abnormalities, and this has given the young girl many trials to overcome. She is nonverbal. She has poor balance and diminished leg strength–both challenges make walking difficult. Regardless, Vanessa remains strong and resilient.


Vanessa has a few interests that make her childhood fun. She watches the tv shows Pinkalicious and Peterrific. She is a huge fan of Barbie movies. Vanessa is also a li’l rocker who likes dancing to exciting music. Vanessa is a hard-working student in virtual school, but she misses her classmates and friends. She pushes onward, however, in the best manner possible.  Vanessa is aptly named, for it means butterfly. This little girl transformed the restrictive cocoon of her illness and blossomed her life into something beautiful.


Vanessa needs a therapy tricycle to improve her leg strength, balance, and endurance. She will also have a great time on the trike playing outside. Please be her sponsor!