Meet Waylon!



Meet four-year-old Waylon, who had a hard start to life. He suffered from a stroke at birth and shortly afterwards a brain hemorrhage. He had to endure a severe surgical procedure to repair the damage from the hemorrhage. Waylon spent a few weeks in intensive care. Sadly, more procedures will be necessary in the future. His condition caused epilepsy that creates further tribulations. He suffers from frightening seizures. He is cognitively delayed and nonverbal.   He cannot sit upright without assistance. Waylon is unable to walk or stand, although he uses a stander and gait trainer which provide support. This list of hardship would seem overwhelming for a little boy. Waylon, however, fights the odds by remaining happy.


Waylon manages to have a fun childhood. He watches the shows Bluey and Mickey Mouse. He listens to a variety of music. He likes Storytime and his favorite book is “The Little Blue Truck.” Waylon and his dad bond by watching football. Waylon loves animals and going to the zoo with his family. They also live on a farm–Waylon could watch their cows all day! He has these and other interests, but his favorites are cuddling and snuggling. It’s not hard to hold the sweet boy close. He is full of smiles and laughs. He keeps moving forward despite his disability. He keeps moving forward right into our hearts.


Waylon needs an activity chair that provides proper postural support and comfort while interacting with his family. Please be his sponsor!  

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