Meet Wilton!



Meet 18-year-old Wilton, who was born in Jamaica. He was bright enough to skip 4th grade by excelling on a placement test. His aunt, who lives in America, rewarded him with a plane ticket to visit her for a vacation. Sadly, the trip ended in tragedy; he fell in a swimming pool and nearly drowned. Wilton spent one month in the hospital. His recovery was amazing, but he still endures numerous obstacles. Wilton’s biggest challenge is his mobility. He suffers from muscle weakness and necessarily walks with a cane to help with his balance. Wilton refuses to let his disability slow down his life.


Wilton has a unique interest, becoming successful. He devours information, either through books or tv shows, about earning money and becoming a productive entrepreneur. In this way, Wilton has dedicated part of himself to learning the American dream. Wilton not only has a growing mind for business, but a soft heart for people. He is kind and always likes making people laugh. His joviality is contagious, too. Wilton is strong and  spreads happiness. Tragedies can sour somebody towards endless misery. Not Wilton. He nearly drowned but became a breath of fresh air to inspire us all.


Wilton needs a therapy tricycle to improve his strength, balance, and stamina. He will work hard on the trike to be more independent. The tricycle will also be a way for him to have fun. Please be his sponsor!