Meet Woodley!



Meet 15-year-old Woodley. He was born in Haiti and was adopted by a loving family at the age of five. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. The illness causes mobility challenges for the young teenager. His range of motion is limited. He cannot walk or stand. Woodley, however, has a strong upper body and is independent when using his manual wheelchair. He remains vibrant and determined despite the mobility limitations.


Woodley has numerous cool interests. He listens to contemporary Christian music on the Joy FM radio station—his favorite artist in the genre is Crowder. He likes reading several books, including the Percy Jackson series. Woodley is a huge fan of the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey team. Go champs! He also loves to go bowling. Woodley is a tough competitor at the game, too. Just ask the people he defeats! Woodley does more than just play. He is a driven student who takes all honor’s courses. His best subjects are math and science. He fulfills his heart and soul by being active in a church youth group. Woodley, more importantly, is a great guy. He is upbeat and friendly to everybody he meets. Many teenagers have to struggle between their youth and adulthood, and the problems that go with each, while also remaining positive about their future. Woodley has all the typical concerns of adolescence in addition to the daily challenges of being disabled. He balances it all with grace and a positive spirit. He is far from ordinary. He is extraordinary. And perfect.

Woodley needs a hand tricycle to maintain his overall strength, stamina, and overall fitness.


Woodley received an amazing Xcellerator hand trike from Invacare, courtesy of his sponsor Athletes Helping Athletes. His new trike was presented to him at the Tarpon Turtle restaurant where he was greeted by Santa and Ms. Claus and he and his mom got to enjoy a delicious Christmas lunch! Woodley is thrilled with his new trike and can’t wait to take it out on the nearby Pinellas Trail! He will be able to get many years usage out of his new equipment and it will provide him with a fun and safe way to exercise!