Meet Yanielys!




Meet five-year-old Yanielys, who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. The illness affected her in several ways. Yanielys is cognitively delayed and she has a difficult time talking at her age level. She also uses a walker and wheelchair for mobility. Yanielys continues moving forward despite these obstacles.

Yanielys distracts from her disability by focusing on fun pastimes. She reads books, and her favorite is Toy Story. She loves the Frozen films and their popular songs. This little girl also reveals her creative side in a couple ways. She is slowly learning how to play the guitar. Yanielys expresses more artistry by making beautiful paintings worth displaying on a wall. During the school year, she is a hard-working student. Currently, Yanielys is enrolled in an online school because of Covid19—she misses being social with her classmates and cannot wait to see them again. She is outgoing and affectionate. Yanielys’s favorite way to communicate is by giving hugs and kisses. Yanielys is inherently joyful. She wakes up happy and ends her day in the same mood.    She certainly brightens our chaotic world, with one illuminating smile at a time.

Yanielys needs an adaptive tricycle to help strengthen her leg muscles. Please be her sponsor!