Meet Zachary!



Meet nine-year-old Zachary. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. The illness, as a result, causes obstacles for the young boy. He is cognitively challenged and he sometimes has difficulty speaking. He also has an awkward gait and compensates by walking on his toes. He remains happy and continues to move forward despite his limitations.


Zachary finds ways to have a fun childhood. He reads books, and his favorite is Pete the Cat. He listens to children’s music and likes singing to “The Wheels on the Bus.” In fact, he loves all things related to school. Riding yellow buses, seeing friends, being with teachers, and playing during recess are his favorite activities. They contribute to his wonderfully eternal smile. Zachary has complex obstacles, but he overcomes them with the simplicity of childhood.


Zachary needs an adaptive stroller to provide better support and comfort for easier transportation. Please be his sponsor!