Meet Zaraiah!


Meet five-year-old Zaraiah. She had numerous complications that caused  cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Both illnesses have been difficult for Zaraiah. The brave child has been hospitalized numerous times due to uncontrollable seizures. She cannot walk and does not have enough muscle control to sit upright. She is also cognitively underdeveloped and nonverbal. She has many more challenges and somehow remains strong each day.


Zaraiah has several interests for a fun childhood. She likes watching the show Fancy Nancy and enjoys the soundtracks, too. Her favorite movie is Disney’s mega hit, Frozen. The film’s signature song “Let It Go’ brightens up Zaraiah’s smile. She is really stimulated by sound. Zaraiah is fascinated with interactive toys that light up and make noise.  She prefers going to a nearby accessible park when the weather is as nice as a welcome sign. She loves being pushed high on the swings by her dedicated grandmother. The amazing grandma took custody of Zaraiah, and being the little girl’s care giver has been a blessing. Making Zaraiah happy does not take a lot of effort. She is described as a peaceful warrior. She conquers  each challenge  with a big, beautiful smile. Zaraiah is radiant and she is our inspiration!


Zaraiah received an HTS chair to make bathing and cleansing easier, safer, and more comfortable. She previously used a small bath chair that she has outgrown. Special thanks to Shirakiku for sponsoring Zaraiah’s HTS chair.