Meet Kinslee!



Meet 3-year-old Kinslee. Kinslee was born at 30 weeks (she’s a twin!). She had to have an MRI before being discharged from hospital and white matter was found on her brain (P.V.L), which progressed into Cerebral palsy. Despite Kinslee’s hardships, she is a playful and happy little girl. 

Kinslee has a variety of interests. She likes to play kitchen and with her dolls. She enjoys watching Gabby’s Dollhouse and YouTube sensation Blippi. One of her favorite pastimes includes playing with her sister- whether it’s with My Little Ponies or stuffed animals, she always has a good time when she is spending it with her family! Kinslee also enjoys going to her local trampoline park to get exercise.

Kinslee received a Rifton pacer gait trainer to help her walk with more ease. She tires easily when she walks on her own and also has trouble with balance. A gait trainer will give her more independence to walk confidently and provide the proper chest support! Special thanks to her sponsor, the Scaife Family Foundation, for making this possible for her!