Meet Kristofer!


Meet 16-year-old Kristofer. He was born 13 weeks premature and spent over 100 days in intensive care. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and endures numerous challenges. Kristofer is unable to walk and uses a wheelchair for independent mobility. He has other limitations but remains happy and positive.

Kristofer has an array of interests. His favorite thing in the world is Disney. He loves the movies, shows, books, theme park, and of course, Mickey Mouse. He listens to children’s music and whether or not it is the holiday season, you may hear him hum along to Jingle Bells! He enjoys outdoor activities such as swimming and taking strolls at the park. Kristofer used to be in a special needs soccer team before the Covid-19 pandemic, but now he loves watching his sister play the sport. He has more interests, but his best aspect is a great personality. He is known to be a class clown who will do anything for a laugh. He is an inquisitive boy who is a good listener and observer. He is, most of all, very sweet. Kristofer’s qualities are clearly no match for his disability!

Kristofer received a medical stroller since his older version is now too small and painful. This new stroller will provide better support while making transportation easier and safer. He can now enjoy strolls to his favorite park! Special thanks to his sponsors, the White Family Foundation and Clay Financial.