Meet Lennox!


Meet 21-year-old Lennox.  Six months ago Lennox began feeling weak and had a hard time going out and doing normal activities. Muscle cramps and chronic fatigue began occurring. Lennox was eventually diagnosed with severe early onset arthritis. They use a cane to walk short distances. Lennox remains positive despite this painful illness.


Lennox has a variety of interests. They enjoy watching the hit show The Office. Lennox likes buddy comedy movies. This talented person shows a creative side. They are musically inclined and can play the flute, tuba, guitar, and drums. Lennox loves to swim and was even in a team before the diagnosis. This brave individual has more interests, but their personality shines the best. Lennox pushes through the tough times with a brave face. They are compassionate towards other people. Meet Lennox. They define courage and are an inspiration.


Lennox needs a wheelchair to improve independent mobility. This will go a long way to maintain an active social life, too. Please be Lennox’s sponsor!