Meet Luna!


Meet four-year-old Luna. Doctors and her mom knew there would be problems even before birth. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and a heart defect. She has endured numerous procedures, including open heart surgeries and an amputation on her right foot. Luna cannot sit upright or walk without assistance. She has endured more, but this brave girl remains strong.

Luna has numerous ways to have fun. Her favorite movies are Disney’s hits Frozen and Encanto. She listens to church music and children’s songs. Luna loves reading inspirational stories from the Bible. Going out is sometimes in order, and Luna loves visiting her aunt or going to the park and playing on swings. Luna, most importantly, is a sweet girl. She is full of life and cannot wait to do the next exciting activity. She is never without a smile, even during challenging times. Luna is truly a girl who knows how to shine in the dark and inspires us all to look up to her brilliance.

Luna received a tilt-in space wheelchair which will provide independence and more comfort with proper support for her upper body. She outgrew her old wheelchair and it is now painful and causes postural problems. Special thanks to the Ricky King Foundation for being her sponsor. Her dad said she is “one happy girl who is super excited to go outside for walks now!”