Meet Maria!



Meet 10-year-old Maria. She was diagnosed with an illness that causes brittle bones. She has endured hundreds of broken bones and a few surgeries to implant rods in her legs. She spends most of the time in a wheelchair. Maria is a strong girl despite her fragile condition.


Maria has a variety of cool interests. She likes watching cooking shows. She enjoys the book and tv series Babysitter’s club. Maria’s favorite movies include Mama Mia and Pitch Perfect. She loves watching her sister play Lacrosse sports. She also exercises by swimming. Maria is a highly intelligent girl who sometimes enjoys outthinking her opponents in a game of chess. Another attribute is her heart. She is very thankful for everything in her life. Maria loves being gently cuddled, too. Meet Maria. She clearly has an unbreakable spirit.


Maria needs a vehicle lift to make transportation possible with her heavy powerchair. Please be her sponsor!