Meet Marteen!



Meet four-year-old Marteen. He was diagnosed in utero with hydrocephalus. He also suffers from kidney disease and cortical disease. This brave boy has endured 27 surgeries and has spent 60% of his life in a hospital. Marteen is wheelchair bound and needs complete help with everyday tasks. He remains joyful despite his difficult conditions.


Marteen enjoys watching great shows such as Cocomelon and Peppa Pig. He listens to children’s music and light rock, but his favorite song is “Wheels on the Bus.” Marteen enjoys books with textures and toys that make noise or are easy to grasp. He has fun going to handicapped accessible parks and beaches. Marteen, however, stands out as a remarkable boy. He is never seen without a smile or never heard without a laugh. He is a warrior who beat the odds. He was not expected to survive his ordeals. He continues to fight and not merely survive but thrive. When you meet Marteen, a miracle will be there with a smile.


Marteen received a vehicle lift for his wheelchair. This will make transportation easier for Marteen and his mom. He can easily get to doctor visits and out and about town. Special thanks to Gator Mobility and his sponsor, the Scaife Family Foundation!