Meet McKenzie!



Meet nine-year-old McKenzie. She has numerous diagnoses, including Agenesis of Corpus Callosum. She can walk in short distances and needs help with many daily living skills. McKenzie is a fun-loving sweetheart despite her trials.


McKenzie has cool and unique interests. She enjoys watching YouTube videos of people getting baptized. She likes seeing her brother practice and compete in Jujitsu sports. McKenzie is also a thrill seeker who is always eager to ride rollercoasters—she even locks the brakes on her wheelchair to prevent leaving theme parks. McKenzie is described as a sassy little thing, but this only makes her more adorable. She has a magical way of lighting up everybody’s lives, making her a complete people magnet. McKenzie is a ray of sunshine that brightens up even the cloudiest day.


McKenzie needs a vehicle lift to make transportation with her wheelchair possible. Please be her sponsor!