Meet Wyatt!



Meet eight-year-old Wyatt. He was diagnosed with a rare form of epilepsy known as Dravet Syndrome. He suffers from low muscle tone, weakness, and impaired upper body control. He is able to walk, but only with supervision to ensure that he does not fall. Wyatt is upbeat and loving despite his daily struggles.

Wyatt enjoys a few, fun activities. His favorite movie includes Finding Nemo, but he fast forwards the scary shark scene. He is a thrill seeker, however, who rides Disney rollercoasters. He listens to children’s music such as Itsy-Bitsy Spider and the Wheels on the Bus, and he can hear Jingle Bells any time of year. Wyatt reveals his silly side when he dances to the song Happy by Pharrell Williams. Wyatt is not a sports fan, but he cheers for his cousins as they play basketball. Wyatt’s most favorite activity is going outside to take walks with his family. In fact, he is happiest when surrounded by everybody he loves. He always wants his parents and grandparents to squeeze in a couch, and of course, with himself in the middle. In some cultures the name Wyatt means guide, and this is appropriate for the young boy. He guides us to the importance of family.

Wyatt needs an adaptive tricycle to improve his leg strength and stamina while having tons of fun riding it outside. Please be his sponsor!