Meet 14-year-old Micaela. She was diagnosed at birth with cerebral palsy. She suffered from oxygen loss and spent a month in intensive care. She has limitations stemming from her illness. She cannot hold herself up and is confined to a wheelchair. Micaela can be  joyful despite these trials.


Micaela has a few interests that make her day fun. She watches cartoons like Cocomelon or programs that teach her about space. Micaela feels soothed when hearing her mom sing. Her favorite activity, however, is going outside and taking strolls using her walker. Micaela is a very sweet girl. She is shy and timid, but always kind to people. She is cautious and prefers to take her time with new experiences. Micaela, despite her timid nature, bravely faces her challenges with a smile. Micaela inspires her family. She inspires all of us.


Micaela needed a ramp for her home, which has steps. Thanks to Harmar and the Clay Electric Foundation for being Micaela’s sponsor. Micaela’s parents used to transfer her out of the house and into the chair. Having a ramp will make leaving home easier and safer!