Meet Michael!



Meet nine-year-old Michael. He was diagnosed with hypotonia. He has low muscle tone and becomes tired easily. These challenges make walking difficult for Michael, and he prefers to be carried. He has other trials but is a joyful boy.


Michael enjoys several pastimes. He likes watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or any educational shows about numbers and letters. He sometimes relaxes by listening to his cousin play the violin. His favorite outings are going anywhere with trampolines and bounce houses. Michael has more interests, but he is also a great kid. He is a ball of energy and keeping up with him is its own activity. He is a sweet teddy bear who loves to cuddle with everybody. Just like a teddy bear, Michael is simply irresistible!  


Michael needs a therapy tricycle to improve his leg strength and stamina. He will have a blast riding the trike, too. Please be his sponsor!