Michelle “Queen Bee” Andropoulos

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Bail: $3,000.00

AKA – “Queen Bee”

Crime: Em-bee-zzlement

Michelle Andropoulos aka “Queen Bee” has been charged with em-bee-zzlement – not to be confused with embezzlement. The elusive head of the Bayshore Beehive, her workers have been seen roaming from garden to riverbed to field, collecting the best pollen and nectar they can find! 

Michelle and her husband are the owners of Bayshore Bees, a local honey farm. Titled “The Worlds Greatest Honey,” these beekeepers strive to give their hive the happiest life they can. Happy bees make delicious honey, and they’re out to provide the best products possible, right here in Tarpon Springs!

Please make a donation today to help Michelle get out of jail. Ask your friends to donate too. Who knows, maybe they can become an accomplice?! Every donation will make a difference in a special child’s life!