Meet Mya!!

Meet 11-year-old Mya. This sweet girl had a tough beginning. She suffered from a stroke before her birth. She was eventually diagnosed with hemiplegia that caused severe muscle weakness on her left side. She was unable to walk until therapy helped her to regain some strength in her legs. She is now capable of walking short distances. Mya never gives up being cheerful.


Mya has a few interests throughout the day. She is a huge fan of Disney shows and movies—her favorite film is Frozen. She listens to kids’ music by Jack Hartman. Mya enjoys swimming and bike riding with her friends. She has other pastimes, but her best attribute is a great personality. She is described as sweet, caring, and friendly. These are three things that make her special and beautiful. Mya can also be described in one word. Inspiring.


Mya received a Rifton adaptive tricycle to help regain her leg strength. The exercise will promote better walking ability while giving her more opportunities to play outdoors with her friends. Thanks to her generous sponsor, Athletes Helping Athletes, Mya will now enjoy riding her new bike whenever she pleases!