Meet Myla!



Meet five-year-old Myla. She was born with Dandy-Walker syndrome and hydrocephalus. She has a myriad of trials due to her diagnoses. She is completely dependent on her caregivers for everyday living skills. She uses a stroller and stander for transportation and mobility, respectively. Brave Myla has numerous other struggles, but she remains a super sweet girl.

Myla has a few interests that make her smile. She likes watching YouTube and tv with her brother. She listens to songs ranging from soothing to stimulating. Myla is always eager to go on outings with her family, even if it is a simple country drive. She also adores her pet Bull Mastiff, who is as gentle with the little girl as a soft breeze. Myla, most of all, is lovable. She is forever happy, and cuddles are her favorite thing in the world! 

Myla needs a ramp to make her home safer and more accessible. Please be her sponsor!