Meet Navaiah!


Meet seven-year-old Navaiah. Last year, she suffered from a spinal cord injury after a tragic car accident. She cannot walk or stand but is able to transfer herself in and out of a wheelchair using upper-body muscles. Doctors said Navaiah will never walk again, however, she remains hopeful and resilient.


Navaiah has an array of interests.  She likes any Disney film that features beautiful princesses. Navaiah is always eager to visit magical theme parks in Orlando, but another favorite is Chuck E. Cheese. Navaiah’s hobbies include playing with her collection of dolls or swimming in a refreshing pool. She is also a driven student who especially shines in math class. Most of all, she shines in life. Navaiah is described as strong, independent, and caring. Navaiah does and will continue to defy the odds. She is our hero.


Navaiah needs a Freedom Concepts therapy tricycle to improve her overall upper and lower body strength. She can also use the trike to play outdoors and spend more time with her friends. Please be her sponsor!