Meet Naya!



Meet 12-year-old Naya. She was diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which causes brittle bones. Sadly, she has broken her bones dozens of times. She cannot walk and has been in a wheelchair since age four. Naya, despite her illness, is a fun and sweet girl.


Naya has diverse interests. She likes watching YouTube videos, but her favorite show is Wednesday on Netflix. She also follows basketball on tv. She attends school and loves reading textbooks to learn new things—her favorite topics are English and language Arts. Naya likes taking trips to Disney World. She has a beautiful collection of vintage dolls that are still in their original boxes. More importantly, Naya is a beautiful girl. She is always smiling, and her goal is to pass that smile on to other people. Naya’s name defines her perfectly. She is truly a breath of fresh air.


Naya needs a powerchair to provide independence. She has a manual chair but it is hard to maneuver without getting injured. Please be her sponsor!