Meet Nevaeh!



Meet eight-year-old Nevaeh. She was sadly diagnosed with a series of difficult illnesses, including spina bifida, epilepsy, and Hydrocephalus. She is remarkably independent but does use a gait trainer to stand and walk. Nevaeh has more trials, but she remains a happy girl.


Nevaeh enjoys a few, fun pastimes. Her favorite shows are Peppa Pig and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She listens to a variety of music, but she gets motivated by Alicia Keys’ hit song, “This Girl is on Fire.” Nevaeh enjoys reading a variety of books, too. Her favorite physical activities are playing with bubbles and splashing in the water. Nevaeh has other interests, but she is most of all a sweet girl. She is outgoing and friendly to everyone within the sound of her soft voice and within sight of her angelic smile. Everybody wants to be in the presence of Nevaeh. Clearly, Nevaeh defines Heaven.


Nevaeh needed a therapy tricycle to improve her leg strength and balance. This will help her ability to walk while also providing a fun way to exercise. Thanks to a grant through Mabel & Ellsworth, we were able to help Nevaeh obtain the trike that she needed!