Meet Neviyah!



Meet 13-year-old Neviyah. She was born prematurely with a brain hemorrhage and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She cannot walk without assistance and uses a wheelchair to be independent. Neviyah has more trials, but she remains a remarkable girl.


Neviyah has numerous interests. She likes watching prank videos on YouTube. She listens to upbeat Disney music. Neviyah enjoys reading books about fairy tales. The young girl’s hobbies include dancing, playing on a Tablet, or Facetiming with her friends. Neviyah, most importantly, has a big heart. She is very loving and is always concerned about the needs of other people. She is also determined to overcome any obstacle in her path. Neviyah is inspiring. She focuses on the road ahead while overcoming the rocks and appreciating all the flowers along the way.


Neviyah needs a bath chair for easier and safer hygiene practices. Please be her sponsor!